VUB provides a variety of free services to assist veterans in beginning or returning to post-secondary education.

Our Services Include:

  • Academic and skills assessments
  • College preparation and refresher courses
    • Math
    • Science
    • Composition
    • Literature
    • Foreign Language
    • Computer Skills
  • Tutoring in academic subjects
  • GED preparation
  • Personal academic advising and career counseling
  • Assistance completing college admission forms
  • Assistance completing financial aid and GI Bill applications
  • Referrals to other community and veterans agencies


  • The best thing about the program is that it is totally FREE for our participants. All materials for our refresher courses, tutoring, and computer training will be provided.


  • VUB is individually tailored to the needs of each participant. Some may only need a few of our services, others may want to participate in everything we have to offer.

Types of Workshops

Icon for College Toolkit

Toolkit for a Successful College Journey

Many veterans have been out of school for some time and this workshop will help them "refresh" on how to make good grades, remember info from class or workshop, strategies to relieve test anxiety, how to communicate with tact, and other strategies to succeed in school.
Icon for Financial Aid

Financial Aid for College or Technical School

Many new students don’t know where to get funding to return to school. Let our financial aid workshop show you that there are many ways to get financial assistance at a college or technical school including federal and state aid, scholarships, and other aid available to financially assist adult students.
Icon for Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Learn more about yourself and the world of work. Identify and explore possible careers, school and training options, and more!
Icon for Online Learning

Online Learning

Many degree programs are offered entirely online, and most traditional ‘brick and mortar’ programs will require at least one online class. Come to this workshop to learn ways to succeed in distance classes. We will discuss technical needs and specific strategies for success in online classes.